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Services: Education

Information Builders offers you a complete set of courses, based on real-life experiences. For every product, at least one public course is available. Most of the courses are scheduled as a public training and some of them will be planned on demand. In some cases, it may be wiser to choose for a more company-specific training.
No matter what your role in your organization may be; only by participating in the appropriate training, you will be capable of maximizing the return on your investment using WebFOCUS and iWay.

Which course should I follow?

Naturally you can make your own choices, using this website. However, we can imagine that not all of your questions may be answered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions. For personal advice send an e-mail to our training-department or call our Education Manager Nico Berger at: +31 (0)204563302.

Public courses
In our training-curriculum, you can find the planned courses for the upcoming period. The complete curriculum can also be found here. We can imagine you want some personal advice: questions regarding training can be sent to You also can call our education manager Nico Berger: +31 (0)20 4563302.

Training on-the-job
After having followed a course, applying the theory in real life is always the next step. In order to be able to get up to speed as soon as possible, we strongly advise customers to use our Training on the Job offers. The trainer will come to your office and help you to connect theory and your real-life environment and challenges. Training on the Job is an essential component in every complete educational package.

Customized training
Information Builders’ customized and company-specific courses are a very efficient way to make the connection between theory and real-life. In consultation with the trainer, the training material will be adjusted and data and/or exercises will be changed. Students will learn how to work with the Information Builders’ software in their own environment. The results will be: high learning-result and a maximum value of your investment.

One-on-one training
One-on-one training offers extra possibilities. Topics from public courses can be applied to your specific application. Topics that are not taught during a course, or that are not fully understood, will be explained in more detail. One-on-one training is also a solution for cases in which our planning does not match your planning or priorities.

In development
All courses can be followed within a couple of days. Please check this website on a regular basis as new courses are constantly being added. For the most extensive course-curriculum, you can also check our corporate website:

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